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Immerse yourself in Yoga

Do you want to deepen your practice and knowledge in Yoga? 
Our workshops is the next step to developing a deeper connection with yourself and the practice.

Having time to explore each Asana’s alignment in dept creates space not only for learning, but for fun, and even being sociable – if that’s your thing. Each workshop enables you to meet lovely, similar-minded people, all on their own yogic journey and with their own unique perspectives to share.

Our Facebook page has plenty of pictures, so click below to take a look and see what previous students have said about their experience.

upcoming workshops

5 Day Iyengar Yoga spring course with Ayelet 25-29.4.2024

Daily schedule for example:

Asana practice. During the daily 2.5 hour sessions you will be gifted with time to unwind your mind and focus your attention fully in the here-and-now, as you explore your potential for achieving excellence in each pose. Each day you feel the layers of the outside world slipping off more quickly, enabling you to more easily reach that state of yogic union between mind, body and spirit.

Tea break. A chance to chat to some of your fellow yogis, or simply relax with a cup of rejuvenating chai, as integration of the morning’s work settles in.

Restorative practice, Pranayama (Yogic breathing) and philosophy. This breathwork is an element often overlooked in the west, yet is essential to allowing the complete integration of the practice upon body, mind and spirit, allowing the state of yogic union to emerge, and maybe the resultant feeling of bliss associated with the highest states of yoga.

Knowledge of the philosophy behind the practice really helps the practice to ‘stick’ because you have understanding of WHY you’re doing what it is that you’re doing and allows for improved execution of the poses by increasing mindfulness in the moment.

It’s also your chance to ask questions pertaining to our daily practice and work out any blind-spots you may have. This safe-space is ideal for expanding your understanding by calling not only upon your teacher, but other
class-mates, because their insight into their own process might just help strengthen your own. Yoga is an on-going journey and we always grow together.

Please contact us for the upcoming 5 days workshop details and registration.

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