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WhatsApp groups for workshops in North India

Dharamsala - the center of spirit and action, workshops, studies and training

There are many destinations where there are a variety of workshops, learning and enrichment in all kinds of fields, we decided to bring together for you all the workshops that are available in each destination, including the extensive information here in a group of workshops in northern India, in the description there are links to groups of workshops in different destinations in India, what does it include? What will be taught, who is teaching, costs, dates and more, we are some Israelis living in India and offer you to keep up to date with all the courses and workshops by joining our group where you will get complete information, a group of workshops in Dharamsala.

Pay attention to the group description

In the description of the group there are links to extended information about each destination, or relevant groups in different destinations, you can enter the description of each group for travelers in India, where you will receive complete information about each workshop in each destination.

The groups for the traveler in India

There are quite a few groups that market visas to India, insurance agents or businesses in various fields, it creates discomfort for members of the group, if they asked about insurance for India and someone shared, but he shared information about an insurance agent who does not pay the owners of the groups, whoever shared innocently is removed from the group and his message is deleted, what which created discomfort in the groups on the part of those who share information to help that traveler and on the other hand those who asked a question.

The groups for travelers in India are all groups for the sake of the traveler, you can feel free to share links to a business’s website to help surfers as well as businesses that really deserve it and that’s why we opened the groups

Telegram groups for travelers in India

Each WhatsApp group also has a Telegram group, some advantages of joining Telegram groups for a traveler in India is that there is a history of recommendations shared from groups of several months, so you can see recommendations and information about each destination even before you joined the group, some important advantages of the Telegram group:

1. As I mentioned, you can see message history and important information upon joining the group
2. The number of users in the group can reach thousands and you can still join
3. There are levels of group managers
4. The phone number can be kept private
5. Some important messages can be embedded
6. You can search in Telegram and reach a variety of groups without receiving a link
7. Telegram saves files, photos and videos even if you don’t enter the group for a long time

And more benefits that are very important, at least in the destinations you plan to travel to, join the destination groups today and get broad information without asking even a single question, simply see what people have asked before you and get answers to most of the usual questions that most travelers ask

So for any destination you decide to go to in India, search for it in Telegram, or enter the page of all our Telegram groups in one place

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