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Namaste! My name is Ayelet Shilgy. I was born in Israel and have been living in India for the past few years. I’m the founder and the principle teacher of Mountain View Yog Studio in Dharamshala. My first yoga class ever took place in Dharamkot in 2005; therefore, I feel happy and blessed to be able to set up my studio in the forest of these magical mountains.

I have been a certified Iyengar yoga teacher since 2015 and been practicing Iyengar yoga mainly in Israel, the UK and India for over 13 years. I started practicing yoga while working for an online company. Yoga practice helped me to ease the back and shoulders pain I was experiencing at the time as a result of sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours.

Even though I began practising Yoga asanas for the physical health of the body, after a few years of dedicated practice, I started experiencing a subtler and meaningful change to my mind, energy and whole state of being. Consequently, I decided to join a Teacher Training program to deepen my knowledge and practice.

Today yoga practice is much more than a physical practice for me. I see yoga as a gift from the ancient Sages of India, that formulated a genius technology, designed to help us get to know ourselves inwardly and connect our mind, body and spirit. This gift is available for anyone who is willing to dedicate their time and efforts to practice and learn.

I love the way yoga makes me feel. No matter what kind of day or week I might have had, practising yoga asanas makes it all better; I feel fresh, light and connected. You may also take a break from your daily life and let yourself be in the moment. All you need is to let Yoga “take over” and practice from your trustful heart and humble mind.

All these years, what has been inspiring me the most is the positive change I can help bring into the lives of my students. It really makes me realise how important it is to pass this knowledge on. My favorite quote is: “Be the change the you want to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi. My vision is to know and change myself so I will be able to support others in their journey. By practicing regularly I was able change my perspective of life so I sincerely believe that Yoga practice can be beneficial for anyone, and this has also been my highest motivation for opening Mountain View Yog studio.

I’m deeply grateful to my Yoga teachers; Anne-Caterine Letter who sadly passed away in November 2021, and Ofra Graham in the UK for training me all these years with such care and dedication. I devote a special gratitude to Guru Ji, Geeta Ji and Prasant Ji (Iyengar family) for bringing Yoga to my life and to many others. I’ve been visiting Pune RIMYI institute for the past few years to deepen my study and stay connected with the source. 

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